September 9, 2011

Nancy Gideon, Launch Author on September 23rd!

Nancy Gideon is an award-winning bestseller with over fifty novels published in genres from historical romance and contemporary suspense to paranormal and non-fiction and even horror screenplay credits on IMDB! With degrees in journalism and communications, she’s never met a topic she didn’t want to research and write about. As a well-known speaker on the business of writing, and working full time as a legal assistant for over 11 years, she’s an expert in time management, organization, and in making every minute and effort count.

Her first non-fiction project, Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers debuts on September 23rd, with Branding: What’s in a Name? This monthly release project is a how-to for writers, whether they are just beginning or trying to keep pace with the changes in a high-tech marketplace.

As an added bonus, Nancy is including a special password with each monthly topic so purchasers can access additional subject-related content and participate on discussion boards. Watch for her first release which launches Wise Word Publishing's nonfiction projects.

Affiliate Company to Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC, Wise Words Publishing was created to better meet the unique interests and needs of our nonfiction titles. We are interested in motivational titles, from heart-warming human interest to edgy New Age inspiration. Our Imprints cover How-To titles and informational texts. Wise Words Publishing will offer something for everyone, regardless of their interests or aspirations. 

"The brave new world of E-publishing is freighted with unknowns, angst…and opportunity. So it's particularly affirming to see the entry of Dr. Elizabeth Fortin and her able colleagues into the field with their Tell-Tale Publishing and Wise Words Publishing concepts. These are true bibliophiles as well as market-savvy professionals. I've known Elizabeth for over a quarter century now in her galvanizing roles from literary liaison to patron and educator of the creative process. She and the people she has surrounded herself with are the real deal – successful players all in writing, marketing and publishing. The linkage between E-publishing and an automatic trigger for hard copy editions is both innovative and compelling for those who want to cover all the exits. This takes some of the scary out of the whole E-publishing gestalt and makes it look like the ground floor of something very promising."

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