Ivy Tower Imprints

Informational and instructional titles cover topics from an expert’s point-of- view, whether those experts are classroom teachers, consultants, or other professional leaders. Such texts include a wide range of topics from various perspectives, including those involved in K-12 education, such as instructional coaching and literacy strategies.

These type of publications can also encompass the ivory towers of academia-knowledge for specialists only. This type of pedagogy is intended for a critical and informed audience, but also can take on edgy topics to challenge one's own schema.

Ivy Tower Imprint also provides titles in other lifelong learning categories such as the "How-To's" for the building of skills and knowledge in multiple categories from collecting and more active hobbies to the craft of writing itself. These titles are intended to support and empower our understanding and expertise. The complexity of human roles and creativity are ever changing. Ivy Tower Imprint includes skill building manuals and guides from reproducible classroom activities and creative writing tips to the dos and don'ts of home repair, crafting, gardening and the like. We are sure to have something to enrich your life, whatever your style.

Academic books for teachers, teacher educators or other specialists or stakeholders in education are published by Ivy Tower Imprint. They also publish non-academic non-fiction books such as travel guides, How-To's and short titles or manuals.