July 11, 2011

The Struggle

Two months ago I had elective foot surgery. It was an in-out procedure lasting no more than an hour. The surgery corrected a genetic inheritance passed on by my mother. Since that one hour surgery I decided to forgo my exercise routine of three times a week at a local gym. The exercise involved a generous amount of aerobic and strength training. Boxing, weight lifting, and step aerobics defied the aging process of sags and weight gain. I decided when my foot was reasonably normal from swelling and pain I would resume my exercise routine. Swelling and pain have receded and now ugh… During my two month hiatus a lackadaisical attitude has replaced my enthusiastic need to ward off sags with toned muscles.

The aging process not only includes the gravitational pull of skin, it also plagues a healthy workout desire. In only two months of sitting and eating I noticed extra sag at the elbow, fullness around the chin and other places on my body that increased. Lifting becomes laborious and endurance minimal. A mile of dog walking needs an hour of sit down time which usually lasts a little longer. The yard work is done in spurts with sweating and grunting. Motivation is lost and mired in excuses of starting tomorrow and the realization that loose skin comes with age.

The anachronism of couch potato lives within me. It lives, breaths and has begun to grow-fed by inactivity. The potato eye means growth and it protrudes from the center of my aspiration to retain health. The struggle is on between a desire to push back sedentary life and the will to do so. The desire to ward off sags with toned muscles becomes a battle. “Bodily exercise profits little” taunts my psyche.

How should I proceed to pluck out the spud’s eye and overcome lethargy? Research the benefits of exercise. Step on the scales and watch the numbers pop up. Look in the mirror. Attempt to put on a favorite piece of clothing. Hang out with someone who encourages me to exercise. Watch the television shows which inspire an exercise routine and weight loss. Read magazine and news articles on exercise routines. The excuses are over! Desire to be fit will reign again in the aging battle. Integrating all these suggestions and getting active will produce that desire to exercise, but the real challenge is that first step forward in the struggle for a fit and healthy body. Deep breath, foot up and step ….