Submission Queries to Wise Words Publishing

Submission e-mail must include the following items:
  1. A subject line including the word count, target audience (and, if applicable, subgenre), and title of the manuscript.
  2. A maximum of 1-2 paragraph within the e-mail body detailing the project. 
  3. Microsoft Word attachment: Query letter, including personal information (detailed below).
  4. Microsoft Word attachment: Outline of  book. 
  5. Microsoft Word attachment: first 3 consective chapters.

All submissions should be in standard manuscript format:
  1. Microsoft Word rich text file
  2. 1-inch margins
  3. 0.5-inch indentation at the beginning of each paragraph
  4. Times New Roman or Courier font, 12 point
  5. Double spaced
  6. Header on every page containing title, page number, author name and contact information

Include following:
1. Name (and pseudonym if applicable)
2. Mailing address
3. Phone number
4. E-mail address
5. Agented, or not
6. Web address (if available)

Submit queries to: